The class visited Walnut Hall Estate east of Carrollton where owner, Brittany Weller, told them about how she and her husband and Greenfield native, Bobby, started the event venue business. Brittany explained that when she and her husband got married in 2009, they wanted to find a venue in the county that had everything all in one place. Since they were unable to find their dream venue, they began talking about how they wanted to be able to provide newly engaged couples with the perfect wedding location. The Wellers stumbled across the historic Henry T. Rainey Farm farm and purchased it in 2020. They hosted their first wedding in 2021.

Brittany spoke to the class about how many local businesses benefit from the new venue. People hosting events need caterers, floral arrangements, overnight accommodations, fuel for vehicles, and a good cup of coffee. She also gave them a tour of the grounds and gave them a bit of history of the Rainey Farm.

Thank you so much to Brittany for the her time. The venue is gorgeous!

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