What an awesome story! The class visited Brantzel’s where co-owner, Kelsey Nell, spoke to the class about how she came to own a coffee shop in her hometown. Kelsey told the students about her path that led her to live in Dubai working as an airline stewardess, and to live in Florida working at Walt Disney World. While her path was not direct, it finally led she and her husband, Casey, back to their hometown to raise their children. Wanting to see their hometown thrive, the Nell’s along with friends Luke and Lindsay Coultas, purchased a building along Main Street in White Hall. In April 2023, they opened Brantzel’s Coffee Shop.

Kelsey said the business focuses on customer service and going above and beyond for the customer. Kelsey also made a good point when she said that we not only need to tell people how great our small towns are, but we also need to give people a reason to move back to them. From the time you walk in the door at Brantzel’s, you feel like family. And it’s quite common to see several little ones helping their parents carry out donuts or stock shelves.

Thank you to the Nell’s and the Coultas’ for their hospitality (the coffee, donuts, and Lotus drinks were amazing!) Your story is truly an inspiration!

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